Stick Fight v1.35 + Mod – Fun action game for Android cartoon warrior + trailer of
normal version + mod version (unlimited money) individually
tested with offline run

Stick Fight: Heroes Stickman & Shadow Fighter- Run is a fun and very beautiful action game from Shooting Games – Button Inc for Android devices, which has been published for free in the Google Market and at your request.The latest version is available for download with the mod and is in front of you. By installing this game on your tablet or Android phone, you can experience an interesting action game with very beautiful two-dimensional graphics and exciting gameplay in which you play the role of a warrior boy and you have to fight with dogs and supervillains. And defeat them! There are all kinds of weapons and auxiliary items at your disposal that you can use to destroy all the enemies ahead and go through dozens of stages and missions. The main character of the game that we mentioned above as a warrior boy is named Alex; He has decided to save the world alone. Wizards, monsters, zombies and robots are enemies who want to destroy the world, and now Alex has decided to stand in front of them and defeat them by destroying them.


Stick Fight: Heroes Stickman & Shadow Fighter- Run


Game Stick Fight: Heroes Stickman & Shadow Fighter- Run   To date, hundreds of thousands of times by Android users around the world downloaded from Google Play and managed to score 4.3 from 5.0 gain. The key features of the game are its extremely beautiful and colorful two-dimensional graphics, facing a huge range of different monsters and enemies, including dozens of fun stages, the possibility of using a variety of weapons and skills to destroy enemies, He noted the good sound and excellent construction. You can first view images and video of the gameplay of the game, and finally, if you wish, with one click, download the latest version with mod from Usroid high-speed servers .

Changes in version v1.35:

* Various optimizations and game troubleshooting.



Detailed guide to install and run the original version of the game:

Recently, some games are released by Google Play as split and are not integrated, and you have to do the installation yourself with our guide [If installed without split, the game will not run for you and will stop] – This method has no other way and even if the files are offered by other markets and sites without split, you will have 100% difficulty in running – so you have to learn this once !

1- Extract the compressed download file from Usroid (extract it)
2- Install and run the SAI software (we have included it in the download package for you)
3- Click on Install Apks from inside the SAI software and In the window that opens, find the extracted folder.
4 – In this step, you have to tick the main file of games and splits. – Check each file that you see in the extracted folder, and finally click on SELECT to start the installation process. Be.

After installing and running the game, you will have the original, official and universal version of the game on your device without the slightest manipulation, and the tasks of “connecting the game to a Google account”, “updating the game through Google Play” and می will be done without any errors. . We are also upset about this issue, but there is no way and we have to present the files in this way, and God willing, you friends will not have any problems in running the game.