Stickman Gangster Mafia Criminal v1.3 + Mod – Stickman Gangster Mafia Android
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Stickman Gangster Mafia Criminal – Stickman Gangster MafiaIt is the name of a role-playing game published by Green Turtle Games for Android devices. Green Turtle Games game studio has already released dozens of other good games for gamers and has a good game development record in the Android market with millions of downloads. Stickman Gangster MafiaCriminal is another good game of this game studio that has been able to bring a unique and unique experience for fans of role-playing games by providing a simple but attractive and very entertaining gameplay. As the name implies, Stickman Gangster Mafia Criminal is a gangster and mafia themed game.


Stickman Gangster Mafia Criminal


Stickman Gangster Mafia Criminal gameplayIt is open to the world and in addition to your missions, you can roam freely in the game world, steal other people’s cars and roam the streets with them, do all kinds of gangster work, steal , Haftir, and do many other things that you will become more familiar with during the game. Stickman Gangster Mafia Criminal is one of those games that does not have a specific storyline and only its stages and various maps are important. Fortunately, the Stickman Gangster Mafia Criminal has stages that are well-designed and really take you into a gangster and crime scene. Some of the features of this game include new and original stages and maps, various missions, access to different vehicles, access to various weapons and equipment, simple graphics and stickman characters, amazing and convenient sounds, and … is.Get a score of 4.0 out of 5.0 in the Android Market and the Usroid teamintends to provide this game to you dear ones in a tested and completely free way. Now you can download the original version and the modded version of this game without any restrictions through the direct links that we have placed at the end of the article and enjoy its execution!