Stodden v2.2 Full – an interesting and entertaining arcade game for Android + trailer
priced at $ 0.99 and a score of 4.9 out of 5.0 on Google Play
tested with offline performance

Stodden – Astvdn new game and fun arcade style and intellectual Game Studios White Brick Games for phones and tablets Android is $ 0.99 at Google Play offer, and for the first time in IranWe intend to introduce it to delight you again, lovers of small and special Android games! Undoubtedly, in addition to our interest in violent and exciting games, we all pay special attention to simple and relaxing games; Games that can nail us to the phone in a calm and different environment for hours! Today it’s time for an interesting and different Stodden game; A game where the speed of your action comes first! Can you make a quick decision ?! Can you throw the ball into the bucket in less than 10 seconds by drawing the desired lines ?! Yes… In Stodden you have to draw lines with the pen in your hand so that the ball that falls from the arrow at the top of the screen falls into the bucket; As mentioned, time is also taken into account and your speed of action must be high!


Stodden Android Games


Stodden game is currently rated 4.9 out of 5.0 in the Play Store and has been sold more than 15 times, and by downloading, installing and experiencing it, you will be one of the first global users to play the game! Game features can include different modes; Exciting voice acting; Good touch controllers; Various sound settings, etc .; Simple design but addictive and generally good construction compared to its small size! You can see the first screenshots and trailer of the game Stodden and then feel it with a click of the high-speed servers Usroid download it.

Changes in version v2.2:

* Added ten new stages and other features.