STOKiE PRO: HD Stock Wallpapers (Ad-Free) v2.1.1  A huge treasure trove of wallpapers and wallpapers for  Android.
Purchased version of the program with access to all features and capabilities.

Wallpaper is one of the factors that play a great role in the beauty and enjoyment of using Android devices. It is said that you can learn a lot about a person’s cell phone just by not looking at it, so the wallpaper should be chosen correctly and according to your personal taste. There are many programs through which you can access many wallpapers and we have introduced many of them in Usroid. Today we will discuss another of the best wallpaper and wallpaper programs. STOKiE PRO: HD Stock Wallpapers (Ad-Free)The title of the wonderful application with a collection of thousands of beautiful wallpapers and wallpapers, which was recently published by the 367Labs software group for Android devices. With this program, you can access a huge source of the most beautiful wallpapers with different themes. This app and the pictures in it are completely free. We recommend that you try this program once.

Some features and capabilities of STOKiE PRO: HD Stock Wallpapers (Ad-Free) Android :

  • Access to thousands of images in hd quality
  • Very simple setting of wallpaper for home screen or smartphone lock screen
  • Having more than 3000 wallpapers and stock wallpaper
  • All wallpapers fit the screen size of the smartphone
  • Weekly or daily image updates
  • Support for different themes
  • Ability to set wallpaper for home screen and lock screen, صفحه Fully automatically
  • Divide wallpapers into different categories
  • Has wallpapers for LG, SAMSUNG, HUAWEI and گوشی phones by manufacturer and phone model
  • View popular wallpapers individually
  • Ability to create a list of favorite wallpapers

Application STOKiE PRO: HD Stock Wallpapers (Ad -Free) program is required for all owners of Android smart devices. If you care about the beauty of your smartphone and tablet and you like to use beautiful and various wallpapers for them, you must install this program. Unlike most wallpapers, all the images in this app are completely free. STOKiE PRO application: HD Stock Wallpapers (Ad-Free) with a unique treasure of beautiful and diverse wallpapers has been able to satisfy many Android users so that it has managed to score an excellent score of 4.8 out of 5.0From Google Play users. It is true that this program and the images in it are completely free, but this program frequently displays annoying advertisements to the user, where you can download the ad-free version purchased from Usroid for free. And give a new look to your Android devices.


STOKiE PRO HD Stock Wallpapers (Ad-Free)