Stolitomson Cleaner – clean the phone, memory, cache & booster v2.5.1 – a powerful and interesting cleaner and booster for Android
Unlocked/Premium version with access to all free and paid features

Stolitomson Cleaner is a powerful all-in-one professional mobile Android cleaning and performance boosting app that is available for free with in-app purchases on Google Play. The paid and premium version is now available to you, which includes all the free and paid features for free. The Cleaner – clean the phone, memory, cache & Booster & File manager app is an amazing cleaning and boosting app for Android phones. It optimizes the performance of your device and makes working with it faster and easier. The Cleaner – clean the phone, memory, cache & Booster & File manager app helps optimize the storage space by cleaning your Android device. Some of these files include cache files from various apps. Deleting these files can help improve the performance of your phone when opening important apps and games. The cooling feature also reduces the temperature of your smartphone, which also improves the performance of your device. Another way to free up memory and increase the performance of your phone is to store files on Dropbox, One Drive, or similar storage devices. These storage spaces do not have much memory, but you can transfer some files there for storage. The advantage of these online storage spaces is that you can access them from other devices as well.

Some of the key features and capabilities of Stolitomson Cleaner Android app:

  • Delete all unnecessary and unused files from memory
  • Cool down and speed up the device
  • Manage files in device memory
  • Wirelessly connect the phone to any other Android device for data transfer
  • Desktop wallpapers
  • Possibility to display various photos and videos on TV using Wi-Fi
  • Many more

The Stolitomson Cleaner app helps you manage files effectively, including folders in your device’s memory (including those on the SD card). For greater efficiency and attractiveness, you will have special and direct access to sections such as images, videos, music, apps, downloads, and popular files. With this app, you can have direct access to all installed apps on your device. By accessing each app page in the file manager software, you can temporarily disrupt their performance or uninstall them. One of the attractive features of this app is the ability to connect your phone to any other Android device. After this connection, you can wirelessly transfer files between the two devices. With this extraordinary feature, you can share your photos and videos with anyone you want in just two steps. Furthermore, this app also provides high-quality wallpapers. There are thousands of different wallpapers that can satisfy any taste. There is also a special category for 4K wallpapers in this app, and smartphones with 4K resolution can make the most of this app. If you are looking for a feature-rich cleaning app for your Android mobile, do not miss this app and download the full version from Usroid.