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Masturbation, apart from having a great impact on the body and soul and the occurrence of numerous weaknesses, is considered in Islam as one of the great sins that has been emphasized many times! Continuous and continuous performance of this operation can leave irreversible complications in the long run and can be considered as one of the main causes of prostate cancer. There are several ways to prevent masturbation that can be found by a simple search on medical and religious sites, but in this post we are going to provide a great software to solve this problem. Introduce you dear ones. Stop M – Stop Masturbation Full UnlockedIt is a very useful application for quitting masturbation, which was developed by Stop M for Android and published in the big Google Play Market. This program helps you to easily identify all the causes of masturbation or masturbation and deal with them easily. My stop-stop period is 30 days and during this period, you will face challenges to change your mentality without any problems and stop this practice forever. View all your masturbation records and analyze them with a professional tool to get different information. Understand the main reasons for complacency and be motivated in this way with the set of show information and messages that the application displays, so that you will never return to this unpleasant act and experience a new life without any mental dependence.


Stop M - Stop Masturbation


App Stop M – Stop Masturbation Due to its capability and efficiency in terms of helping users to quit masturbation has been able to attract the attention of thousands of people across the world. Today and in this post, as always, you can download the latest unlocked version of this program from the popular Usroid site without any expectations and fight for your soul!

Changes in version v1.8:

* Further habits analysis
* New motivational content.