Street Drag 2 v1.19 + Mod – A well-made racing game “Street Drag Racing 2” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (with infinite money) separately
Tested and runs without any problems

Street Drag 2 – Street Drag Races 2 is the second game in the Street Drag series, a product of the Canadian studio Cerberus Studio Inc. It has been released for Android operating systems completely free of charge, but with the possibility of in-app purchases. The latest version of the game has been tested and is now available for free. As the first Iranian website, Usroid has taken the initiative to procure, review, introduce, and publish this game on the web. Drag racing game enthusiasts are invited to download this game. Street Drag 2 is inspired by popular and well-known games such as the Nitro Nation series or the CSR Racing series. The overall graphical structure and image details are some of the most important elements of drag racing games. Due to the unique gameplay and context, developers have more room to increase the graphical details in these games. Therefore, most of the games released in this genre are graphic-intensive games. Some of them may not have a large file size, but they are still well-made and well-designed. However, Street Drag 2 cannot be considered a simple and lightweight game. This game is a heavy and large game in its own right, and its high graphical details make it only recommended to be played on powerful devices.


Street Drag 2


In the game Street Drag 2, you play as professional drag racers and experience the special and challenging conditions of these competitions. The game follows the rules of drag racing. The type of track is usually not a criterion in drag races, and competitions are often held on almost straight paths. The main criterion in these races is to win by reaching the finish line faster than the opponent. Drag races are usually performed in two-person standard mode, making them the best type of two-person competitive racing. In Street Drag 2, after selecting your super sports car, you must prepare yourself for these races, which focus on acceleration. The length of the track in drag races is usually not as long as in regular races, and the available tracks are often shorter. Like any other car race, in drag games, drivers must start the game with the green light known as the Christmas tree. The initial acceleration of the car is one of the most important tasks that drivers must do. If the cars hit the gas at the right time and start moving at the right time, they will have a lot of acceleration, which will undoubtedly be one of the advantages of any driver in any drag race. You can buy better cars in Street Drag 2 with the money you earn from the levels you have passed. During this game, you can participate in various sections of the game, such as tournaments or championship competitions, and entertain yourself for hours. This beautiful game also has a multiplayer section. As mentioned, Street Drag 2 has very good graphics, and a lot of effort has been put into this section. So, if you are interested in graphic and realistic car games, Street Drag 2 can be an excellent choice for you. The latest version of this game, along with a tested mod version, is now available for download from Usroid servers.

Attention: In your mod version, you must first complete the tutorial section and exit the game; for the second entry, your money will become infinite.

Installation and execution instructions for the game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the com.Cerberus.StreetDrag2 folder to the Android/obb directory in the internal memory of your device.