Street Racing 3D v + Mod – Android 3D racing racing game + original version trailer
+ mod version (free purchase) tested separately
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Racing and car racing series have been very popular among gamers since the first version of video games. Now, after several decades of offering different games in different and new styles, car racing and racing games are still among the best genres of video games. With the increasing number of mobile phones and the introduction of mobile games, we are witnessing the release of hundreds of mobile game titles in the competitive style. Some of these games are bulky and graphic; Others are made online and only for online competition, but there are some simpler games that are neither too large nor need the Internet. Game Street Racing 3DOne of the most popular Android games in the style of racing games, which has been receiving updates for several years. The game was produced by Hong Kong studio Ivy and has been released for free for the Android operating system. Simplicity, relatively small size and balanced graphics, but with perfectly three-dimensional and good designs, are the main features of Street Racing 3D. This makes the game run even better on weaker phones and tablets, giving players an exciting experience of car racing-racing games. Street Racing allows you to experience driving sports cars and racing on city streets. The best models of sports cars are designed in this game and are simulated in the best possible way. The manufacturers claim that even the engine sound of these cars is very similar to the real models. By competing and winning every competition, you will earn a lot of points and coins. With these points, you can buy better cars or upgrade your current car. This game is also modeled on the popular game seriesAsphalt also provides players with features such as the use of multi-stage nitro or the ability to jump and perform dramatic movements. By doing these movements, you will receive a special point and your nitrous oxide chamber will be filled faster.

Some features of Android Street Racing 3D:

  • Proper design and acceptable graphics according to the volume
  • Fun gameplay in racing style
  • Proper camera view and has different settings
  • There are more than 30 types of famous and real sports car models with interesting simulations
  • Ability to use multiple nitro to increase speed
  • There are a variety of competitions, including a step-by-step and main section on arcade
  • Ability to upgrade various parts of cars and the possibility of personalizing them
  • Has a PvP section to compete with friends

Game Street Racing 3D , although the graphics do not have much to say against the best in the field, but the size is right, good gameplay and the ability to run it on weaker devices, this game is a perfect option for all players turned Is. As always, Usroid has prepared the original and modified versions of the game for users to download. The game has been downloaded more than 100 million times on Google Play over the past few years, scoring 4.4 out of 5.0 .


Street Racing 3D