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Street Racing HD – HD Street Racing is another title from the Ivy game studio in the style of racing and car racing that follows the global popularity of Street Racing 3DIt was produced and released for Android with similar elements for free. In fact, Ivy was one of the oldest and first gaming companies to build Street Racing 3D, which was able to incorporate a fully 3D car game in a very small size. This feature has made this game one of the most popular racing and small games in recent years. This fame and popularity led Ivy to start working on another racing style game. Although the game has the same original name, the HD title at the end of it makes us realize that this time we are dealing with an HD game in terms of design. This has led to a significant increase in the final size of the game compared to the previous generation, but this series of games is still one of the smallest machine and racing games. Street Racing HD also has a lot of optimization compared to Street Racing 3D, and it has different capabilities and designs. But overall, it’s not a very powerful graphic game. But on the other hand, it can be said that this game can be experienced on weaker devices.


Street Racing HD


In Street Racing HD, you can take part in various car racing competitions and compete with other cars in various competitions held in different parts of the world and try to be the first. In the gameplay of this game, many imitations of famous titles such as Asphalt game seriesThere have been. For example, you can score points by filling drifts, long jumps, or stopping and taking your competitors out of the way, or you can fill your nitrous tank! For game sounds, such as the sound of car engines, the sound of other games may have been used. The gameplay is not professional and challenging, but the overall process is fun and relatively exciting. In Street Racing HD, you can buy, upgrade, upgrade or personalize more than 30 real sports cars in the game, or customize or personalize them with a variety of custom items. This feature was not as widespread in the previous version, and now we see the addition of this fascinating part. In addition to the main and phased parts of the game, Street Racing HD also has a section called PVP, where you can participate in online competitions and the global leaderboard of this game. All in all, considering the right size and acceptable features, Street Racing HD can be a fun choice for fans of casual racing games who are more looking for a fun and arcade title than a simulator game. Professional car riding. If you are one of these people, you can test the HD street racing game right now with its modded version of the site.Download Usroid .