Strip hi-tech Launcher 2018 – hitech theme v5.0 [Ad-Free] – Modern and innovative Android launcher application
without ads and full program for the first time on Iranian sites

All Android smart devices use a default launcher according to their manufacturer; In many cases, users have been dissatisfied with these launchers and try to customize it by installing peripherals. One of the best options in the field of Android personalization can be considered launchers, which we have introduced various versions of them so far. Strip hi-tech Launcher 2018 – hitech themeIs the title of a modern and innovative Android launcher published by lwsoftipl Apps. If we want to summarize this software in just a few sentences, it can be considered as one of the best possible options to transform the screen, which provides a new experience for its users. Everything in this launcher is customizable and you can change it according to your needs. Quickly access the apps you want or execute any command by executing a specific gesture. You do not need any additional software to view the weather conditions as well as play music, and this launcher will meet any need.

Some features and capabilities of Strip hi-tech Launcher 2018 – hitech theme Android:

  • Modify the screen with a super modern design
  • Possibility of high personalization without any restrictions
  • Very high speed in executing commands without excessive battery consumption
  • Quick access feature for instant viewing of apps
  • View weather conditions as well as play music without any accessories
  • Adjust the background image according to your personal taste
  • Remove non-applications with a single hint

App Strip hitech Launcher 2018 – hitech theme with the benefit of a variety of personalized features and functionality of smartphones has been able to more than half a million downloads from around the world rated 4.3 out of 5.0 by Google users receive the same Now you can download the latest version without ads and in full from the Usroid website .

Changes in version v5.0:

* Troubleshoot and improve the ability of the program


Strip hi-tech Launcher 2018 - hitech theme