Summoners War: Sky Arena v8.1.5 – New Update for the Online Game “Warriors of War: Sky Arena” on Android
Rated 4.4 out of 5.0 and played by over 50 million players worldwide
The latest and final version of the game

Summoners War: Sky Arena is a beautiful and entertaining game in the strategy genre from the Com2uS game development studio for Android. With over 50 million players from around the world, it is one of the most popular online strategy games. In this game, your task is to explore the world to obtain and extract mana crystals from evil people and summon over 900 powerful monsters to become the king of the sky! In this game, you can build your own land according to your personal taste and use various powerful characters to fight different enemies. The gameplay is very addictive and the game style is RPG role-playing. If you are a fan of online role-playing and action games, do not miss this game under any circumstances! HD graphics, exciting sound, simple controllers, and unique gameplay in Summoners War: Sky Arena have come together to give you an excellent strategy game experience! If you want to start your competition to become the king of the sky right now, do not hesitate and download the game from the fast servers of Usroid.

Some of the features of the Summoners War: Sky Arena strategy game for Android:

  • Fighting against more than 900 different types of monsters
  • Selecting from 16 different types of monsters for battle
  • Possibility of upgrading monsters with evolutions and excellent skills
  • Possibility of creating 25-member guilds by players
  • Participating in real-time battles up to 3 players
  • Building and decorating your own exclusive land
  • Having Auto Mode for easy battles
  • Having stunning 3D graphics + excellent sound effects

The game Summoners War: Sky Arena is now available on the Android market with a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0. Today, we provide you with the latest version of the game on Usroid! You can always download the latest version of the game from Usroid’s high-speed servers simultaneously with its release by the developer. This game, like other available games, has been tested by us and runs smoothly without any problems.


1- This is an online game and requires internet connection to run + New versions of the game cannot be hacked or modded.
2- The game comes with a data file and you need to download it with the game itself; the size of the downloaded data may reach around 1000 megabytes, so you are facing a graphic game!


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