Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon) in Persian ( Sun Surveyor ) is a very interesting and powerful software in the field of displaying accurate information about the moon and the sun, which is provided by Adam Ratana programming studio for Android operating system . The above application is one of the most popular with a score of 4.6 out of 5 in the Play Store and is sold at a high price of $ 6.49 . We will provide the purchased version to you for free. With Sun Surveyor software, you can easily predict the position of the sun and the moon, view interactive maps and details of religious times, and view a 3D compass on Android.Bring your phone. Maybe you say to yourself, what good is it to see the position of the moon and the sun !? It is good to know that understanding this situation has helped photographers a lot so that they can capture the most amazing photos with it! The position of the moon and the sun is not used only for this case, and you who are looking for an app in this field will realize that this possibility is wonderful!

Some features and capabilities of Sun Surveyor app for Android:

  • Ability to select different time zones by the user or automatic identification
  • View the exact time of sunrise and sunset with detailed details
  • View altitude information, shadow ratio, moon rise and بالا
  • Having a beautiful 3D compass to show directions
  • Augmented reality to show the sun and moon by the user through the camera
  • Top-down view of the position of the sun and moon on the map
  • Use completely offline without the need to receive information from the Internet
  • Support for world languages ​​including English, French , Italian and…

The Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon) app is one of the top Photography apps with thousands of sales and a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 . At Usroid, we have provided the latest version of the Sun Surveyor application for you, regular users, and we hope you like it. To download it, follow us with a direct link…


Sun Surveyor (Sun & Moon)