Sunset Secrets v1.0.87 + Mod – Adventure and puzzle game “Secrets of Sunset Island” for Android
Normal version + mod version (infinite money) separately
Tested with offline performance

Sunset Secrets is a very beautiful and lovable puzzle game in the original puzzle style with an adventurous and fictional nature, developed for free by Puzzle Point Ltd Cyprus and published on Google Play. Usroid once again, for the first time among all Iranian sites, as soon as this game was published on Google Play, quickly reviewed it, and along with a separate modded version, offered it for free download. Has done. Sunset Secrets is one of those games that has become extremely popular due to its many features. This game is not just a single style title, but it must be said that the secrets of Sunset Island is a multi-style game. The main styles seen in this game are first of all adventure styles with a beautiful and fascinating story that makes players enjoy a fascinating scenario and are curious and interested in discovering the truth of its stories. The second style of the game is the puzzle style, during which the game in a completely separate part of the mini-puzzle games (3 puzzles or Match 3) in the form of several steps for you to not only have fun doing them, But also to avoid the monotonous process of the game. But the third style of play is a style of management and simulation games, and in this part you can reconstruct, renovate and design the decoration of a hotel, which in turn is very fun and attractive.


Sunset Secrets


In Sunset Secrets, you play the role of a young woman named Jen, who inherits an old, abandoned and, of course, mysterious hotel. This hotel is located on a small island in the remote tropics in the middle of the ocean called Sunset. Jen, who has not had a very good relationship with his father so far, decides to travel to the island and discover the hidden and mysterious story of this hotel. This hotel has been closed for many years and as a result, this place has been occupied and abandoned! You have to help Jen follow the story of the game and discover the hidden mysteries about this place. Your second task in the role of this young lady is to reopen this hotel and take it out of the cold, soulless and abandoned state. To do this, you have a lot of tasks and things. In Sunset Secrets, you can rebuild and change all parts of the hotel, just like a professional manager. In addition to these tasks, you can also follow the story line of the game, which has several characters. Also, as mentioned, there is a jigsaw puzzle in Sunset Secrets, and like almost all similar decoration design games, you have to solve jigsaw puzzles to earn money and buy essentials. All in all, Sunset Secrets is a lot of fun and lovable, even though it doesn’t have a lot of volume and simple fantasy graphics. So if you are a fan of such multipurpose games, you can now download the latest version of this beautiful game from Usroid servers and start a fun and enigmatic adventure!