Super-Bright LED Flashlight v12.0.7 – Flashlight application full of features and special Android
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The use of different hardware in Android devices has led to the creation of various high-end apps, one of the most important of which can be considered a flashlight. Usroid site with several years of experience in the field of Android and its professional team has so far tried to provide you with the best flashlights, and in this regard, we intend to introduce another great flashlight app. Super-Bright LED Flashlight is a feature-packed and special Android flashlight application published by vmons. The simple environment and great graphics of this startup help you to light up your surroundings with maximum light at any time. There are various features in the list of features, the best of which is the sos mode or the same help that in many cases can save users from various problems. If you are interested in colored lights, you can use the display lighting system in various colors, which is one of the most popular. It is better not to forget to use a digital compass and easily identify directions.

Some features and capabilities of Super-Bright LED Flashlight Android application:

  • Use maximum flash light compared to other similar apps
  • Very nice graphics and interface
  • Digital display pole to detect main and secondary directions without any errors
  • SOS frequency mode to request help when any event occurs
  • Color screen light
  • Stable lighting without any interruption
  • Very low volume


Super-Bright LED Flashlight application with an eye-catching and beautiful graphics has been able to get a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with thousands of downloads from around the world, which you can now download the latest exclusive version from direct links to the website Download Usroid; In our version all ads have been removed.


Super-Bright LED Flashlight