SUPER PING – Anti Lag For All Mobile Game Online v3.0.3 Super Ping Android        
Original and full version of the program

In recent years, with the expansion of Internet access globally, a new way of playing has emerged. Online computer games have emerged for several years and have managed to become the most popular type of games. In this way of playing, users can play with each other all over the world. This method has more excitement and fun than playing with humans, instead of playing with humans, and this is the main reason why this type of game is so popular. With the rise of smartphones, many graphic and attractive games have been offered for these devices, some of which are online and provide the enjoyment of online gaming to smartphone users. To play online, it is necessary to have high-speed internet without interruption. The user’s image, voice, and commands are transmitted over the Internet. اینترنت If the Internet connection is delayed, interrupted, speed fluctuations, and the like, the data transfer process is disrupted and the user is unable to enjoy Get enough of playing on your phone. Internet connection problems can be significantly remedied by applying special settings on the phone and improving the quality of gaming on the smartphone. Today in Usroid, we are at your service with a program that does this very easily and automatically.SUPER PING – Anti Lag For All Mobile Game Online is an application to reduce Internet ping to run online games without lag and interruption, for the Android operating system, developed by Zix Dev and published for free on Google Play. In designing this program, we have tried to have the least conflict with the user with complex settings and many options. For this purpose, only a few modes are provided to reduce ping, by selecting which settings are automatically applied to the phone. Due to the different structure of the Internet in different countries, the effect of each ping mode may be different in different countries. Therefore, it is recommended that you try different ping modes and find the best ones for your country.

Some features and capabilities of SUPER PING – Anti Lag For All Mobile Online Android game :

  • Very simple and easy to use, without having to deal with complicated settings
  • Has different modes to reduce ping
  • Significant reduction of ping to play online games on Android without lag
  • Suitable for hotspoting the phone and playing on the computer

SUPER PING application – Anti Lag For All Mobile Game Online is a useful and practical tool for all mobile gamers that with the satisfaction of Android users has been able to receive a score of 3.5 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the original version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.

Changes in version v3.0.3 : 

* Design changes


SUPER PING - Anti Lag For All Mobile Game Online