Download the new game Suspect In Sight! v1.0 for Android

Finally, after a long time, the beautiful and exciting game Suspect In Sight! has been released for Android.

Suspect In Sight! is a new and incredibly beautiful game in the action and driving game genre for the Android operating system, and its first version was released today in the Play Store for Android devices! There are few people who have not experienced GTA; this game, which was first released for the iPhone, found many fans in its early days due to its user-friendliness, and you could use all its objects as you expected, and still has its own special fans on various consoles.

This game is exactly in the style of GTA game and we recommend it to all users who cannot have the GTA game on their mobile due to slow internet speed. In this game, you appear both as a criminal and as a law enforcement officer and wander around the city.

Some features of the Suspect In Sight! Android game:

* 3 amazing months for travel (Miami, New York, Los Angeles)!

The game Suspect In Sight! is now available for sale at $6 in the Play Store and we, at Usroid as the first Iranian website, provide it for you.


Download Suspect In Sight!  - Android GTA style action game!



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