Suspects: Mystery Mansion v2.1.4 – An exciting and entertaining online action game “Suspects: Mystery Mansion” for Android
An exciting and captivating title inspired by the popular game Among Us
Tested with online play

Suspects: Mystery Mansion – مظنونین: عمارت اسرارآمیز is another game from the Irish studio, Wildlife Studios. After their previous two games, Tennis Clash: 3D Sports and Zooba: Free-For-All Battle Game, this developer has released their third official game in the form of a competitive action game, available on Google Play for Android players worldwide. Suspects: Mystery Mansion features the same characters from Zooba, but is made in a relatively different style. Although this game, like Zooba, is an action-packed competitive game, it is more of a copied and patterned game from the popular game Among Us. It is better to say that if you have experienced Among Us before, you will quickly notice the imitation of Suspects: Mystery Mansion from this title, as the nature, approach, general process, and even the style and context of the graphic designs and gameplay of these two games are very similar to each other. At the request of our friends, Usroid has introduced and released the latest version of this game for the Android operating system.


Suspects: Mystery Mansion


Suspects: Mystery Mansion is a game that is heavily inspired by Among Us. In Among Us, the story revolves around a group of colleagues and friends who work and investigate together on a spaceship. While it seems like all these characters are working together and trying to benefit each other, one of them is actually a saboteur and traitor whose secret goal is to destroy the other members of the group. Now, in Suspects: Mystery Mansion, the same scenario is followed, but with two main differences that relate to the characters and the location where these events take place. This time, instead of astronaut characters, you are playing as various animals, and instead of a spaceship, you are in a large and mysterious mansion with other characters. The gameplay is simple but very exciting. It is an online and multiplayer game, and in each stage of the game, a certain number of players enter this mansion. One of these characters is a saboteur or Imposter, as they are called. This character may randomly fall to you. If you become an Imposter, you must secretly and creatively destroy the other characters and if you are one of the regular members, you must try to find the saboteur with the help of others! However, the saboteur character is just like any other regular character and has no special signs on its appearance. The game has various sections and multiple elements that can keep you entertained for hours. According to many critics, Suspects: Mystery Mansion can even be better than Among Us in some ways. However, this can be a matter of personal preference. Nevertheless, it must be said that if you enjoyed the popular game Among Us, Suspects: Mystery Mansion can also be extremely exciting and thrilling for you. You can download the game directly from Usroid.

  1. To play the game, your internet must be connected.
  2. You may need to change your IP address for proper connection to the game servers.
  3. Currently, a functional and problem-free modded version is not available for playing.