Swapper v1.1.17 [Premium] – Android swap space application for
premium version worth $ 3.49 for the first time in Iran

The Linux operating system has always been one of the most popular due to its high flexibility in accessing various features and is used by millions of people. If you are a Linux user, the swap partition may have caught your eye by now! Just have some information about computer hardware and systems, then you will know that smart devices to transfer programs to the main memory of RAM. In addition, with the progress of the day, increasing the ability of computer systems and expanding applications every minute, dozens of programs have been run in addition to the home screen in the background, which itself causes a lack of RAM! If the amount of RAM is less than the number of running programs, the system will crash and all access will be lost. There are two solutions to this problem, the first is to provide higher capacity RAM, which is of course costly, and the second is to create a virtual RAM and introduce it as a main RAM to the system. Such spaces created in the Linux operating system family are called Swap.Swapper is a highly functional and professional application for creating Swap memory in the Android operating system, which was developed by AllaKore and published in the big Google Play Market. According to the given explanations, it can be said that by using this software, you will increase your smartphone’s RAM memory and prevent multiple and consecutive crashes. Working with this software is very simple and easy and you just need to select the internal memory or SD card for virtualization. Finally, it is better to know that this app needs root access to run .




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Changes in version v1.1.17:

* New features + various optimizations and bug fixes.