Sweet Drmzzz v2.3 – Entertaining and beautiful game “Sweet Dreams” for Android
The purchased and complete version of the game is offered to you for $1.99
Tested with offline execution

Sweet Drmzzz – Dreamy Dreams is the name of a puzzle and mind game that has been released by the Belgian game development studio Bart Bonte as a paid game for $1.99 for the Android operating system. You can download the latest version of the game for free, purchased from Usroid, at the end of this article. Dreamy Dreams is supposed to take you to an interesting and cute dream. In this game, you are supposed to enter the dreams of the main character and solve logical puzzles and riddles in the strange and dreamy world of these dreams. According to the game’s creator, when it’s time to sleep, that’s when the adventures begin! In fact, in an interesting interpretation of the game, when you fall asleep, a small version of you enters a clock on the desk and goes to another world like space to experience various adventures and fantasies! Sweet Drmzzz has several types of puzzles for you. The main characters in these puzzles are worm-like creatures in different colors. Worms with red color have conditions in every stage or puzzle that if you choose them incorrectly, you lose. As mentioned, this game has various types of puzzles, all of which have the common feature of being logical and principled. Some of these puzzles are solved exactly according to the principles and laws of physics, and under any circumstances, you have to prepare yourself for realistic puzzles.


Sweet Drmzzz


The first feature that will catch your attention in the game Sweet Drmzzz is its very simple designs. There is no sign of 3D modeling or eye-catching effects in this game, but this simplicity is combined with an entertaining and dynamic gameplay, providing a memorable experience for players. The game has dozens of different levels. In the levels, there are bonus items in the form of stars that you can obtain by solving puzzles quickly and correctly. The levels of the game will become progressively harder and more challenging. Overall, it can be said that Sweet Drmzzz is a simple game with clean designs that can engage your mind well due to its puzzle challenges. The content of this game is simple and relaxing, and by playing it, you are supposed to embark on a dreamy and mysterious adventure. Dreamy sleep with its fantasy designs can be a suitable option for younger people and children to exercise their minds and improve their performance by solving puzzles in this game. Usroid has provided the final and purchased version of this game for free and tested it for you dear ones to easily and quickly download it from the site’s servers. It should be noted that Sweet Drmzzz is only about 11 megabytes in size. The score registered for this game on Google Play is 4.5 out of 5.0 to date.