Sweety Kitty v1.2.5 + Mod – Sweet Cat puzzle game for Android +
regular version trailer + mod version (unlimited coins and live) tested separately
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Sweety Kitty: Match-3 Game – Sweet Cat: Jurchin GameThe title is a puzzle and brain teaser game released by Integra Games Global OU for Android devices. The game development studio has already provided successful and well-made games for gamers and has a good track record. If you are looking for an addictive game that will keep you entertained for hours, Sweety Kitty: Match-3 Game can be a good offer for you! As the name implies, in terms of gameplay, this game has a step-by-step structure and sorting, and its mechanism is easy to learn. The story of the game revolves around the main character, who is a chef’s cat and what happens to him. He wants to become the best chef in the world and make a name for himself, but his enemy, a rat, always causes him problems and hinders his work. Now you have to solve Jorchin’s puzzles to help the cook cat defeat the rat and put him in his place. Upon entering the game, you will see a map facing you, which you will enter the first jig by clicking on one of its houses. Jorchins appear in a variety of rows and columns, and each jigsaw puzzle has its own unique shape and image. These jigsaw puzzles are usually made of candy, jelly, pastilles, cakes, cookies, and many other delicious foods. ) Put them together to match and eliminate each other.


Sweety Kitty Match-3 Game


So in Sweety Kitty: Match-3 GameYou will receive points and advance to higher levels by completing the goals set at each stage. As you progress through the higher stages, you will also be provided with a variety of boosters and special auxiliary forces, which you can use to increase your progress speed and chances of success in the stages. The early stages of the game are almost simple and you can easily handle the jigsaw puzzles, but as you progress in the game, new layers are added to the jigsaw puzzles and you face new challenges, but the general principles of the game change. Not created. All in all, this game has interesting stages and will undoubtedly bring a unique experience. The gameplay is fast and never gets tired of playing. Visually, the graphic space of the game is beautiful and eye-catching, and its artistic design and color create a happy atmosphere. The controls are at their simplest, and all of the game’s functions are easily done by tapping, sliding, and swiping on your device’s screen. Sweety Kitty: Match-3 GameIt has a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 in Google Play, and Usroid teamintends to provide this game to you dear ones in a tested and completely free way. Right now you can download this game with just one click from Usroid servers. We hope you enjoy this delicious game!

V1.2.5 version changes:

* Various optimizations and game problems