Swipe back Navigation gestures v6.2.4 – Shortcut Button App for Android
Professional and full version of the app worth $ 4.99

Swipe back Navigation gestures is an application for creating virtual shortcut buttons in the Android operating system, which was developed by Rome753 Studio and published on Google Play. As you know, one of the main reasons that made this operating system attract the attention of many users in a very short time is the ability to customize its user interface. Part of this personalization is related to the UI and the other part allows you to execute commands easily. In all Android phones, you will see different physical buttons, such as power, volume control, home key and Bixby button, which in some smartphones, the last two buttons can be customized to some extent. But this personalization is limited and can not be maneuvered in any way. However, there is always a suitable solution to meet the needs. Swipe back Navigation gestures software is a good option for making virtual shortcuts. With these keys, you will be able to perform the main activities such as turning off the screen, going backwards, running the last app, and so on. The above program allows you to execute more than ten different commands without having to touch the physical keys. One of the most important features available is the creation of these buttons and their personalization. In this regard, users do not face any restrictions and are able to create these keys according to their needs. Depending on your needs, it is possible to create one to eight different keys. Choose the color of the buttons to suit your needs and resize them. The option provided by the software helps to activate or deactivate the overall function of the buttons with just the touch of an option. The software environment is very simple and anyone can meet their needs.

Some features and capabilities of Swipe back Navigation gestures Android app:

  • Ability to create one to eight virtual keys to execute commands with a single touch
  • Support for 10+ different commands such as screen lock, recent software running and…
  • Customize commands and display keys according to your needs and tastes
  • Option to enable or disable the app with a single hint

App Swipe back Navigation gestures with the benefit of special features and abilities for free by its developer, with payments of $ 4.99 reported in the network and points 4.3 to 5.0 by users is received. Now you can download this software from Usroid website and execute a set of commands with just one touch of an option.


Swipe back Navigation gestures