Swordman: Reforged v2.1.3 + Mod – Adventure and fun game Swordsman Hero Android + Trailer
Normal version + Mod version (Unlimited Money) individually
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بازی Swordman: ReforgedIs an action and adventure title developed by GMS Adventure game studio in the United States and is available for Android users for free. In Swordman: Reforged, you play the role of a group of heroes and monster hunters, and you can choose one of them as the main character. The story of the game takes place in a fantasy and interesting world. The cold season has arrived and this season, which is known as the hunting season, has caused the heroes of our story to be found as hunters of evil creatures. You have to go on an adventurous journey to discover the truth in the role of one of these hunters. It is said that in a land near you, a strange spell has been found that causes immobile objects to become dangerous creatures. Your mission is to save humanity by traveling to these areas and preventing the spread of this spell. The storyline of the game is followed by interesting events and you have to go through the missions and stages of the game to discover the truth. Among the interesting and remarkable features of Swordman: Reforged are its graphics and designs. This game with a fantasy and cartoon design and funny characters and different heroes, has depicted a wide range of different items. The style of play and doing it with simple virtual controllers is another important point of this game.

Some features of Swordman: Reforged Android game:

  • Fantasy graphics and interesting two-dimensional designs
  • Easy yet fun style
  • There are several heroes and hunters with their own characteristics
  • Ability to find or build powerful weapons and swords
  • Ability to upgrade different parts of the game
  • Ability to personalize heroes
  • Action, role-playing and adventure style gameplay
  • Has different modes, including story mode or Storyline Mode
  • Ability to use special forces
  • Travel to different places like frozen land or deep black holes
  • There are numerous hidden items and bonuses in the game stages
  • Existence of all kinds of enemies and funny monsters big and small

In Swordman: Reforged, you can travel to different places and explore different lands. You can also find many weapons and upgrade them to increase your offensive power. It is also possible to benefit from special forces and get help from friends and other heroes in this game. Help the protagonist to discover the hidden story of the game by going through the steps and unveil the strange mystery of these events. Swordman: Reforged has been released on Google Play with more than 100,000 downloads and a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 . If you want to get more acquainted with the whole game, you can watch the introductory trailer video or its screenshot images, and then, if you wish, you can easily download the regular versions or mods from Usroid very easily.

Changes in version v2.1.3:

* No changes have been mentioned for this version of the game on Google Play.


Swordman: Reforged



Detailed guide to install and run the original version of the game:

Recently, some games are released by Google Play as split and are not integrated, and you have to do the installation yourself with our guide [If installed without split, the game will not run for you and will stop] – This method has no other way and even if the files are offered by other markets and sites without split, you will have 100% difficulty in running – so you have to learn this once !

1- Extract the compressed download file from Usroid (extract it)
2- Install and run the SAI software (we have included it in the download package for you)
3- Click on Install Apks from inside the SAI software and In the window that opens, find the extracted folder.
4 – In this step, you have to tick the main file of games and splits. – Check each file that you see in the extracted folder, and finally click on SELECT to start the installation process. Be.

After installing and running the game, you will have the original, official and universal version of the game on your device without the slightest manipulation, and the tasks of “connecting the game to a Google account”, “updating the game through Google Play” and می will be done without any errors. . We are also upset about this issue, but there is no way and we have to present the files in this way, and God willing, you friends will not have any problems in running the game.