After the introduction of various keyboards today, we intend to introduce a fast and popular keyboard called Swype Keyboard , which to date, more than 250 million users have chosen it as their default smartphone keyboard. These users have introduced this keyboard as the fastest keyboard available for Android , and they think you can type your texts as fast as possible. The above keyboard with the ability to predict the next word will increase your typing speed and have a better and different keyboard experience. Other features of this keyboard include the ability to write texts with voice, which supports 36 living languages ​​of the world, and with it you can convert your voice to text at high speed.

Some features of Swype Keyboard Android:

* Can be installed on smartphones and tablets

* Supports 60 languages ​​and 20 different accents

* Having a wide range of themes to personalize the keyboard appearance

* Create quick shortcuts to type words and symbols

* Having a complete dictionary

* Predict the next word to increase typing speed

Keyboard Swype Keyboard is priced at $ 0.99 in the Android Market to sell is that the latest version of it with a direct link for free from Farsrvyd get … Note that unlike earlier versions, this version of the keyboard It is a patched version that installs and runs without the need for a patch or special program.

 Changes in version v3.2.4.3020400.50699: ( Unlocked version)

* Added several great new features

* Various bug fixes and optimizations


Download Swype Keyboard - Android fast keyboard