SyncMyTracks v3.12.17 – Sports information synchronization application for Android devices
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Smart device users sometimes use a variety of software to store their sports activities, sometimes a user may use two or more other software to meet his needs depending on the circumstances! This issue causes information disruption and the items recorded in each software are different from the other. It is sometimes observed that some of these startups allow internal synchronization, but in most cases the developer does not include this feature in the program. SyncMyTracksIs the title of a sports information synchronization application developed by SyncMyTracks for Android and published on Google Play. This software is a very practical and fast solution to solve the mentioned problem, which is unique in its kind. The first feature that attracts the attention of every user after installation is its support for various sports services and apps, which helps to synchronize your information with your other accounts with a single touch. There is no problem when syncing information and everything is recorded in the same way. Just create an account to sync. All information is provided in the form of two GPX and TCX files that are able to retain a lot of detail.




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