System Monitor Pro v1.8.3 – Professional Monitoring App for Android Devices
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System Monitor Pro – Monitor Pro system as an application for professional monitoring and control of smart devices (tablets and phones) AndroidPublished by Daniele Comi on Google Play for $ 0.99. This program with a completely intelligent system covers all the different parts of your device and provides you with accurate and perfect information, for example, you can view the battery health with temperature and the battery health of your Android smart device. Get informed! If you are careful, some games or programs are installed and run only on specific processors, and in 90% of cases, users are not aware of the type and model of their graphics processors and CPU, in such cases by installing this software The software can easily view all the information about the resource model and download the application covered by your device. One of the most important features of the Pro monitoring systemWe can mention the ability to detect and cover the sensors, which, unlike other existing programs, provides you with accurate information about them. In addition to the simplicity of the interface, an attempt has been made to display the information in a special and graphical way, so that by referring to the CPU and battery monitoring, you can see the information in beautiful diagrams.

Some features and capabilities of Android System Monitor Pro:

  • Display all battery information without the slightest error
  • Covers the display of the CPU model as well as the amount of resources consumed and being processed
  • Cover the device’s sensors and display their information
  • Displays unparalleled information from smart device GPS
  • Access real-time Wi-Fi and mobile network at any time
  • Very simple yet graphical environment
  • Complete and detailed information of different parts of the smartphone

System Monitor Pro application has been able to get an extraordinary score of 4.5 out of 5.0 with a price of US $ 0.99 with only 100 active downloads. By downloading this program from Usroid, you will undoubtedly be one of the first global users to install it on your device. You do.

Changes in version v1.8.3:

* Fixed application problems


System Monitor Pro