System Tuner Pro is a very complete and popular program for managing devices with Android operating systemBy installing and having it on your Android smartphone or tablet, you can take a fundamental step in optimizing your device! You can use this software to monitor and record all ongoing activities, backup and restore of any application, stop programs and long games, CPU SD and memory control and simulated environment to the terminal So that it also allows you to view all the processes of your phone and increase the speed of your phone significantly by closing unnecessary activities! If you have read the title, you have seen that we have introduced the above program as a system management application, yes, system management means that you can clear the cache with just a few simple clicks, empty the RAM, the program Close the running ones and put your system performance and tasks under your microscope in general!

The description may not be enough to fully introduce the System Tuner Pro application ; So we list all the features and capabilities as listed below that you can view and see what a powerful program you are facing!

Some features and capabilities of Android System Tuner Pro management application:

* View all user, system, kernel and output activities

* Display load, CPU frequency, internal memory and SD

* Sort processes by CPU load, start time, memory or name

* Automatically close and stop applications with long processing to increase speed

* Display detailed and complete information about running applications and processes

* Having functional CPU optimization functions and C P U settings at boot

* Display CPU frequency on screen and manage voltage in custom kernels

* Stop programs and games that are not counted manually and automatically

* Close all existing system apps and games on mobile

* Stop system processing and display internal and external memory information

* Make a backup of all system programs with the possibility of recovery

* Functions for freezing and freezing applications , launching and reading logcat applications

* Sort software based on multiple name parameters, data usage or cache usage

* Ability to easily and quickly transfer any application from the system to SD and vice versa by the user

* Record all device activities including: screen, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and so on

* Having a variety of dedicated stylish widgets to place on the mobile home screen

* No ads and includes dozens of other wonderful and unique features in a simple user interface

System Tuner Pro app is currently sold in the Android Market at a price of $ 6.92 and has been purchased thousands of times by users and has a score of 4.6 out of 5.0 , which we at Usroid today provide you with the latest version for free. Let.

Note: Software System Tuner Pro need to root the phone, but you do not have to use all its features must be rooted your phone (if your device is not rooted, you can use some of its features).

 Changes in version v3.19.2:

* Program bug fixes and performance improvements


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