System Tweaker PRO [root] v5.0.1 – strengthen and optimize applications rooted Android devices
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introduced for the first time in US

One of the biggest differences between rooted and non-rooted devices is access to different parts that ordinary users are not able to customize. Sometimes this free access causes the owners of rooted smartphones to change something incorrectly and slow down the device. There are several ways to reset rooted Android devices, such as System Tweaker PRO One of the best. Developed and published by Alexander Kirillov, this super-functional software helps its users optimize their rooted device in the shortest possible time and multiply its power. The algorithm hidden in this application works in a special way and, unlike other optimizers, gives you a definite result. Just touch the screen once to set everything up completely automatically! The optimization performed by System Tweaker PRO includes several different aspects of the smartphone, the most important of which are the intelligent setting of CPU frequencies or battery calibration, which play an important role in mobile performance. Improve the speed of reading and writing SD cards and solve all its problems to achieve a new and wonderful experience in managing your smart device.


System Tweaker PRO Android


With its unique system and support for various parts of the device, the System Tweaker PRO application has been able to score 4.7 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with its $ 0.99 price, which you can now get the latest version purchased. Download from the huge database of Usroid site.

V5.0.1 version changes:

* Add new features to fix program problems.