Tabata Interval HIIT Timer v4.67 – Sports Timer application with full features and smart Android
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Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. Continuous exercise has a great impact on our health and helps us live a healthy life. There are several factors that affect the efficiency of sports training, a large part of which depends only on us! One of the most important points to have an effective workout is the right timing for doing sports movements, which increases the efficiency of the workouts and helps to put enough pressure on the muscles. Having a precise schedule in different sports is different from each other, so we want to introduce you to a versatile tool in this post. Tabata Interval HIIT TimerTitle is a full-featured and smart sports timer application developed by Slydroid Development and published on Google Play. If we want to explain this software to you, it can be considered as a title beyond a stopwatch! The various features that this timer provides to its users help you to have a principled sport and reach the peak of your training intensity at the appointed time. According to the name of this startup, one of its main features can be considered as a set of tools for aerobic exercises that maximize mobility in your body and keep fat burning at the highest possible level for several minutes. Another great feature is its support for a variety of heart rate gadgets that allow you to measure your heart rate at any time. As mentioned, unlike other timers, a variety of sports are supported, including boxing, bodybuilding, aerobics and.. To get the most accurate information about your sports activities, match the above software with Google Fit and get a unique output.

Some features and capabilities of Tabata Interval HIIT Timer Android application:

  • Dedicated warm-up timer before training and the amount of rest between training sets
  • Support for several different sports such as aerobics, bodybuilding, boxing, cross-fit and…
  • Speed ​​tracking via GPS
  • Integrate information with Google Fit app
  • Support for HRM heart rate monitor devices
  • Specify the target heart rate to reach it
  • Set an alarm when you reach your desired level and time
  • Play music when the timer is activated
  • View all exercises performed in the internal calendar
  • Keep the timer on by turning off the screen to save battery power
  • View real-time on-screen and lock screen alerts
  • Build multiple timers for several different sports
  • Display total time and remaining time
  • Back up all imported data
  • Receive voice alerts

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Tabata HIIT Interval Timer