Tachograph – assistant trucker V1.2.16 a program to help better organize the trip for transit drivers International
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Driving trucks and trucks is one of the tasks that is gradually becoming the life of their employees. Trucks are commonly used to transport goods between distant cities and large loads. Therefore, truck drivers must travel and drive for several days. This issue is exacerbated when the destination of the cargo is other countries and the cargo is moved internationally and passing through different countries. Truck drivers traveling on international routes have been on the road for weeks and time management is very important to them. In addition to driving, the driver has to rest, eat, clean, service the truck, etc. If they do not have proper planning for them, there may be a delay in delivery and his work commitment may be questioned. Many truck drivers use manuals to manage all this time. The problem with using a booklet is that it is not always available and in front of the user. This causes in many cases the time of rest or eating is not observed and the driver continues to drive with fatigue and hunger, which may cause an accident and cause a lot of damage. If you are a truck driver and you want to have all these and more items in your smartphone, we recommend that you install and use the application that we introduce to you today.Tachograph – assistant trucker is a comprehensive and complete application for managing international cargo and organizing the actions and tasks of truck drivers, for the Android operating system, developed by the Sten Apps software group and published for free on Google Play. This program is designed exactly in accordance with the rules and regulations of the EU Coordination Council and the laws adopted by the European Parliament, and is suitable for trips to European countries. In this program, you can access a complete report of all your actions during the trip with full details such as the time and amount of time consumed for each operation.

Some of the features and functionality of the program Tachograph – assistant trucker Android :

  • Ten different timers for different actions and actions of the driver during the trip that you can choose from.
  • View all information in a complete journal and report
  • Ability to enter information manually
  • Shift management

Application Tachograph – assistant trucker , with the consent of Android users has been rated 4.5 out of 5.0 Excellent from Google Play users receive. Now you can download the premium version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free. This app is introduced at your request.

Changes in version v1.2.16 : 

* Added information for start and end timers


Tachograph - assistant trucker Premium