Talk Text (Read Aloud) Mint [Premium] – Professional application for reading Android texts
Premium version with access to all the features offered to you

One of the best features that has been used by many users in the last few years is the unique text-to-speech system, which makes it impossible to stare at the screen for a long time to read other long texts. Fully audio and auto play face. Usroid site, as one of the first Persian-language Android sites, has introduced many different and useful software in this field, and we intend to publish one of the best in this post. Talk Text (Read Aloud) Mint Full Unlocked is a great application in the field of text-to-speech conversion by Red Red Studio Studio for AndroidDeveloped and made available to users around the world. All you have to do is select your texts and leave everything to the talc text to play the contents of the text file in full audio. One of the best features of this program compared to other existing software is the support of 27 different languages ​​without the need for Internet access, which has made it widespread among thousands of people. Apart from the main feature, there is a special feature in this smart app that allows you to read Morse code. So it is better not to lose this professional software and to read it, follow us in the following.

Some features and capabilities of Talk Text (Read Aloud) Mint Android app:

  • Support for reading web pages
  • Specify the desired range for converting text to audio
  • Support for txt and pdf files on SD card
  • Read texts from other installed applications such as feed readers or browsers
  • Intelligent system for identifying and playing texts from the clipboard
  • Access options such as Play, Pause, Stop, Pause Timmer and…
  • Identify more than 27 different languages ​​without the need for the Internet
  • Extraordinary ability to read case codes by voice and vibration

The Talk Text (Read Aloud) Mint app has been released by the development team for free with $ 5.49 in-network payment due to its feature set, and has received a 4.0 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users, which is now You can download the latest version of it from the most visited Usroid site.

Changes in version

* Bug fixes + various optimizations.


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