Talking Ben the Dog v3.7.1.16 + Unlocked – An interesting Android app for talking with a dog!
Regular version + unlocked version with all parts

After introducing various versions of Talking programs such as Talking Parrot, Cat, and Angela for Android, due to the popularity of these programs among users, today we have the intention to introduce the interesting application Talking Ben the Dog, in which you converse with Ben! Ben is a retired chemistry professor who spends his daily life drinking, eating, and reading the newspaper. In this entertaining program, Ben is reading the newspaper and you have to bother him with actions such as tickling and ringing the bell to talk to you! You can take him to the chemistry lab to make him happy and perform various experiments to create new products and show interesting reactions. You can talk to Ben, record it, and share it with your friends.

To play with this Alchemist dog, you can follow these steps:

* Other buttons for eating, drinking, and displaying violence

If you are a fan of Talking Cat and … programs, we also recommend the entertaining app Talking Ben the Dog to you. By visiting the continuation of the article, you can not only see pictures of the environment but also download the app for free.

Changes in version v3.7.1.16:

* Resolving issues and improving program performance


Talking Ben the Dog