Talking Ben the Dog v3.7.1.16 + Unlocked – an interesting app for talking to dogs on Android!
Normal version + unlocked version with all parts

After introducing different versions of Talking apps such as Talking with Parrots, Cats and Angela for Android , due to the popularity of these apps with today’s users, we intend to introduce the interesting Talking Ben the Dog application, in which you talk to Ben! Ben is a retired professor of chemistry who spends his daily life drinking, eating and reading newspapers. In this entertaining program , Ben is reading the newspaper and you have to bother him to talk to you with things like tickling and ringing! You can take him to a chemistry lab to be happy and do all sorts of experiments to create new products and show interesting reactions. You can talk to Ben and record it and share it with your friends.

To play with this alchemical dog, you can do the following:

* Press the newspaper button to set the newspaper aside

* Press the phone button to talk to Ben over the phone

* Press the chemistry button to perform an experiment by Ben

* Other buttons to eat, drink and show violence

If you are a fan of Talking Cat and برنامه programs; We also offer you the entertaining Talking Ben the Dog application, and you can download it for free in addition to viewing images of the program environment by referring to the following .

 Changes in version v3.7.1.16:

* Troubleshoot and improve app performance


Talking Ben the Dog