Talking Ginger is one of the most popular and attractive cat talking apps for Android operating system , which is different from other programs. It’s Ginger’s bedtime and you have to get him ready to go to bed! He has to take a shower and brush before he can do well! Can you help him and dry him after bathing so he can sleep!

In this interesting program , each time Ginger prepares to go to bed, you will open a new piece of her dreams and become more attractive. In total, there are 60 different dreams that you can all dream of! This attractive cat is able to repeat your voice with its cute voice and react to your actions. For example, if you tickle him, he will laugh and….

How to play with Ginker in Talking Ginger:

* Use toilet paper buttons to start small games

* Bath button for shower

* Dryer button for drying

* Toothbrush to brush your teeth

* Toothpaste button to brush toothpaste

* Start timer button for 2 minute toothbrush timer

* Puzzle button to view all your puzzles

You will be able to capture the work of this charming cat and share it with your friends on social media.

Note that when you run the program for the first time, a data file with a size of about 6 MB must be downloaded and required for graphical execution.

To see pictures of the Talking Ginger program environment and download it with one click from Usroid , read more…


Download Talking Ginger - an attractive Android cat cat app




Download Talking Ginger Android



Download Talking Ginger Android