Tank Games – modern city warfare v0.1.1 + Mod – Very fun arcade game “Battle of Tanks” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (infinite coin) individually
tested with offline execution

Tank Games – modern city warfare – Tank Games: Modern city warfare is a fascinating and entertaining arcade game that although its name in Google Play is Tank Games – modern city warfare, but the name chosen for it by the developer Tank Squad Is. The game was developed by the Chinese studio Funcore Games for free and released for Android devices. Usroid once again and for the first time among all Iranian sitesHas introduced, reviewed and published another game on the web. You can probably tell at a glance what title Tank Games – modern city warfare is modeled on. The game’s creator himself directly mentions this issue in the description section and says that this game was made and designed in memory of the nostalgic and memorable memories of the extremely revolutionary Battle City game that was released in 1990 for the Nintendo (micro) console. Is. Battle City game in Iran was known as the game of tanks in which players in the form of one-man or two-person stages in the role of two yellow and green tanks confronted other tanks and their main task was to protect the main house.


Tank Games - modern city warfare


In Tank Games – modern city warfareAlmost the same mechanics as in Battle City can be seen, but this time the situation has become more complex, modernized and more challenging. There are more parts in this game, and various new and more difficult challenges can be seen in the game, which have made this game an arcade and action title that is very full of fights and exciting. In this game, you lead a tank on the battlefields and your mission is to destroy the tanks and military equipment of the enemies who have attacked your country to take over your lands. You must not only destroy the enemy forces, but you must also protect your base and not allow the enemies to shoot at it. Tank Games – modern city warfare game is followed from the top view and you can destroy them by moving to the four main directions and firing directly at the enemies. The game designs are simple, pixel and retro so that this game has the shape and image of classic games, especially Battle City. In this game, there are also difficult and challenging stages such as boss battles or BOSS Battle, in which you must destroy the dangerous bosses of enemies who are very stubborn. To get more familiar with this game, you can first watch the trailer video and then, if you wish, from the download boxUsroid Get the latest version of the game for free in normal or modded form.