Tank Stars 2 v1.0.1 + Mod – Attractive action and arcade game “Battle of Tanks 2” for Android
Normal version + Mod version (Infinite Coin) individually
tested with offline execution

Tank Stars 2 – Battle of the Tanks 2 is the second game in the Tank Stars franchise from Playgendary Limited Studios, which, like other games made and released by the Cypriot game company, is available for free on Google Play. For the first time among all Iranian sites, Farsroid has prepared another interesting game exclusively for you friends and has prepared the latest version along with an exclusive modded version for you dear ones. Battle of Tanks 2 After the impressive success of Tank StarsThat is, the first part was made and finally in December 2021, the final and complete version was released for Android devices. Playgendary Limited Studio has gained a lot of fame by making fantasy and fun games with attractive and lovely graphics. Among the top games made by this developer, we can introduce games such as   Perfect Snipe  ,  Polysphere  ,  Perfect Cream  ,  HitmastersEscape Masters   or Save the Master , which were previously presented to you in other Farsroid content. Then join Farsroid to take an overview of the second part of Tank Stars game and get to know it better.


Tank Stars 2



Tank Stars 2Developed with the same design language as the first part, its general features in the design section remain almost intact. Although more details have been added to the design in the second part in terms of graphics and gameplay, it will not be easy to distinguish between the two games in a short time. Tank Battle 2 is an Action-packed arcade title in which you enter the world of tanks and their fierce battles. The main nature of this game is adapted from the classic arcade titles and many competitors work in this field and in the same style, but we can boldly say that the very professional and attractive structure of Tank Stars 2 makes it far superior to the competitors. has done. In this game, which is reduced to one-on-one battles, you must first fight the enemies with a default tank, and gradually, as you progress in the game and earn more money, you will be able to buy new tanks and upgrade them. Give. In Tank Stars 2, there are all kinds of battle tanks and different weapons and equipment. In the game upgrade system, you can also upgrade your weapons, abilities and other parts of your tanks. The game is followed in turn. When it’s your turn, you have to shoot at the enemy with the aim of choosing and choosing the right firing angle. You can use simple arrows or the various weapons you acquire during the game. After shooting, your turn is over and now your opponent has to shoot at you. You can also move a limited amount along the way. The game is followed from an angle and with two-dimensional designs. High graphics, high detail and dynamic gameplay of Tank Battle 2 have made this title one of the best action and arcade games in the style of tanks. To download the latest version of this game right now to the download boxGo to Farsroid and download this game through direct links on the site.