Taskade – Task Lists with Video Chat. Remote Tool v3.0.3 – Team management activity application for Android,
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Many large and important projects are organized by experienced teams and supervised by many people. One of the most important issues when creating a team and starting an activity is to have order and perform the assigned activities on time, which should be paid special attention to. In all companies, meetings are held before deciding to make any changes to the project or ongoing activity, which in some cases people may not be able to attend; As a result, online meetings are booming and companies are trying to save time for team members with video conferencing. So far, various softwares have been introduced in this field, and Usroid website intends to provide you with one of the best of these programs. Taskade – Task Lists with Video Chat. Remote ToolTitle is a team activity management application developed by Taskade and published on Google Play. Undoubtedly, this software is a versatile tool for creating coordination in different teams and organizations that solves any kind of need in an instant by providing various features. The first feature of this startup, which also has many fans, is the mode of creating multi-person video chats, or in other words, video conferencing, which helps team members to share their ideas with each other at any place and time. . View the project under construction and share the changes with the members of the organization in real time. Unlike other similar software available in the Android Market, there are no restrictions for creating projects and you can put each project in its own category.

Some features and capabilities of Taskade – Task Lists with Video Chat. Android Remote Tool:

  • High quality professional video conferencing
  • Create to-do lists and notes for all members of the organization
  • Invite all team members at any time with a hint
  • Send private or public messages to members
  • Create unlimited designs and projects
  • Apply changes or view project progress in real time
  • Organize projects or designs created in different categories
  • Sync information on PC or Android smartphone
  • Provide a list of activities on a daily or weekly basis
  • Assign projects only to certain team members
  • Save the results of online meetings in the form of notes

Taskade application – Task Lists with Video Chat. Remote Tool has been able to get a score of 4.8 out of 5.0 by Google Play users by taking advantage of various facilities and features related to team project management . Now you can download the latest full version without ads from full links. Get the speed of Usroid website .


Taskade — Task Lists with Video Chat. Remote Tool