Tasks and Events Premium v2.3 – Android time and life management application!
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Everyone has tasks throughout their lives that they must do properly with time management to get the most out of their activities. In fact, it can be said that one of the main ways to succeed in life is just to have discipline and it is achieved with careful planning. There are several ways to create a special schedule for all days, one of the best of which is the use of smartphones! Tasks and Events Premium is a full-featured time and life management application developed by Vázquez Software for Android.Developed and published in the big Google Play Market. Schedule your tasks for the next day or week and prioritize them so you know what you need to finish earlier than your other activities. One of the most important features included in this app is the creation of functional alarms for important tasks that notify all necessary daily activities with a warning sound and prevent them from being forgotten. In the Tasks and Events Premium app, each color represents one thing; Green indicates activities that have less than two hours left, and gray indicates the expiration of your deadline. Unlike other similar tools available in the Android Market, working with Task and Avent is very simple and you just need to click on the option to create tasks or the same positive sign at the bottom of the page to display everything quickly.


Tasks and Events Premium


Application Tasks and Events Premium With a set of features and capabilities that variety has managed $ 2.99 Self- rating: 4.6 of 5.0 by users, Google gained which can now use the newest version purchased it from direct links Site Download Usroid ; Our version includes all the features.

Changes in version v2.3:

* Troubleshooting the app + new features.