Tasty Planet Forever v1.2.0 + Mod – Special Action Game for Android
Original Version + Mod Version (Unlimited Stars, Diamonds, and Coins)
Tested to Run Offline

If you are a fan of the game Snake and enjoy the gameplay style of these games, Tasty Planet Forever by Dingo Games has been able to draw inspiration from this game and offer its own new take on it. The gameplay of this game is very easy and anyone can play it. Tasty Planet Forever has a high speed and an action style. This game can quickly entertain its audience and is incredibly addictive. The main elements of early mobile phone games such as Tetris, Snake, Brick Breaker, and more can be seen in this game. All of these games had similar prominent features; you could easily learn them and get busy playing, they were incredibly entertaining, and were perfect for passing the time. These games were competitive despite their simplicity and completely captured your attention. The gameplay style of Tasty Planet Forever is similar to these games, but new changes have been made to it. As you can guess, in this game, you do not control a snake, but rather various animals. Hungry animals… very, very hungry animals! In Tasty Planet Forever, you control animals that eat anything in their path, and the more they eat, the bigger they get and the bigger things they can eat. In this game, other animals are tired of humans and eat everything, even humans. The timeline of this game is not clear, and it is not clear in what year this game takes place, as in some stages of the game, flying cars and robot-like humans can be seen. However, you should know that everything the game offers is edible, everything! Depending on the creature you choose, different settings will be available to you. You start with small things. For example, when you start with a cat (which is the only character available to start the game and other characters are locked and must be unlocked), you will see yourself in a restaurant. You can eat everything, but you have to start with small things, and at first, the only thing you can eat is small stains. You have to be careful not to collide with bigger things before you get bigger!


Tasty Planet Forever


As you progress in the game Tasty Planet Forever, you can eat cockroaches and grow larger. At this stage, your perspective changes and the camera zooms out to give you a wider view. Now you notice larger objects, like knives and empty soda bottles. You must eat them to grow even bigger. Keep doing this until you finally realize you are in the middle of a restaurant with customers sitting at tables and chairs. The points you earn in this game usually depend on what you eat, but time also matters and affects your gameplay. The longer it takes for you to grow bigger, the more points you lose for time. So, try to use the Sprint button. This button increases the game speed significantly and mastering it takes a little time. But you don’t stop here… You eat and eat so much that you even devour the people on the table, chairs, and restaurant staff, facing the screams and cries of people that are truly hilarious! The best part of this game is its perspective control system. The bigger you get, the larger your perspective becomes, and things that were previously larger now seem smaller. In the end, you eat gas stoves, cars, people on bicycles, and even buildings. Except for the cat character, there are other characters such as elephants, ladybugs, sharks, bees, etc. in the game that are all locked, and you have to unlock them by collecting points. Tasty Planet Forever has managed to earn a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 on Google Play and has gained a special popularity among fans. The team at Usroid has provided the exciting game Tasty Planet Forever for free, along with the mod version, tested and without any problems, for you dear ones to download and enjoy. We invite you to watch the gameplay trailer and images of the game in the same post to get more familiar with this game.