Tcamera (Teacher’s Camera) v2.0.1 – Teacher and student educational camera application for Android
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With the outbreak of the Corona virus and the closure of various organizations around the world, schools and universities were closed to prevent the spread of the virus. Given this, one of our main concerns is education. Fortunately, with the spread of the Internet in different parts of the world, these trainings have also changed and become virtual. In such a way that you can connect to online virtual classes and in addition to learning the training provided by your teachers and professors, you can easily do your homework. Due to the continuing spread of this virus, so far different companies have made various gadgets with different performance in this field, each of which somehow facilitates the process of training and learning. Tcamera (Teacher’s Camera)Title is a teacher and student educational camera application developed by MKCL and published on Google Play. This wonderful software with unique capabilities allow you to develop educational systems and have more mastery over your teachings. If we want to briefly introduce this startup, it can be considered a second camera for laptops. So that your smartphone is connected to your computer or laptop and you will be able to transfer the recorded images directly to your online classes. This camera can be used in various fields, the main of which is to hold easy exams without any fraud. The teacher will be able to master the student worksheets with the other image recorded by the webcam and make sure that no one will cheat.

Some features and capabilities of Tcamera (Teacher’s Camera) Android application:

  • Use Android smartphone as a second camera
  • Display images recorded by the phone’s camera on a PC screen
  • Ability to send live recorded videos to online classes
  • Support for all types of online learning virtual servers without any restrictions
  • Hold safe exam sessions without any fraud
  • Extremely secure to protect your privacy

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Tcamera (Teacher's Camera)