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Telegram Plus Messenger v6.1.1.0 – Telegram Plus Messenger version for Android with a dedicated theme for Telegram Plus Messenger version
with the possibility of installing next to the original version and activating two accounts!
New update 1398 simultaneously with the release

Telegram Plus Messenger – Telegram Plus Messenger is the unofficial and popular version of Telegram Messenger for Android devices, which has more capabilities than the official version and has been able to attract users around the world! Before introducing Telegram Plus Messenger, it is better to mention additional information about Telegram on this page: “ Telegram – Telegram, the famous messenger of Digital Fortress CompanyIt is designed with a focus on two important factors: high speed and high security, and allows users to quickly upload their favorite photos, videos, files and texts to your friends anywhere on the planet. Let them be! Yes, this messenger is very similar to the famous WhatsApp application, with the difference that the features that Telegram provides to users are more than WhatsApp, and it is offered to all users who are looking for a free and unique messenger. we give!” The Plus version of Telegram Messenger is installed next to the official version and you can activate it with your other number; That means you will basically have two accounts with different numbers on one device!

Some of the features of the famous Telegram Plus Messenger for Android:

  • Installed next to the official version; No disruption to the original version
  • Ability to hide your mobile number
  • Hide screenshot of chat in secret chat
  • Better store incoming information with the original name
  • Different and stylish themes to choose from by the user
  • Other functional features not available in the original version

Application Telegram Plus Messenger is now at the Play Store has a rating of 4.4 out of 5.0 that we Usroid newest and latest version of the application and the user’s friends to put you have installed and runs on all Android devices.

Remarkable dear friends: Maybe when you read the description of the post and saw the two words “unofficial version”, you were bored whether to install this version or not ?! Is it valid or not !? It is better to answer your question; This version is completely valid and safe, and it was also released on Google Play, and if there was a problem, it would not be published on Google Play under any circumstances, and when it passed the Google filter, then there is no problem, and you can install it safely!


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