Tennis Go: World Tour 3D v + Mod – Fun sports game “Tennis World Tour” for Android
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Tennis Go: World Tour 3D – 3D tennis world tour is another beautiful and exciting effect of the popular sport of tennis in the form of a mobile game in the style of Sports for the Android operating system. This game is offered by Hong Kong studio MAFT Wireless for free but with in-app payment capability. This studio is famous for making management style games, puzzles and decoration design, and some of the most popular games published by MAFT Wireless are games such as Sugar Store, Manor Diary and Sweet House, which were previously introduced and presented in Usroid.  But this time we are with a completely different game from this studio, and we intend to publish this game on the web as the first Iranian website and publish it along with the modded version for download in a tested and free form. So be with Usroid in introducing this well-made game. 3D Tennis World Tour is a very interesting, fantasy and very fun simulator of the fascinating sport of tennis. In Tennis Go: World Tour 3D, you will enter the world of tennis and play the role of professional male and female tennis players in breathtaking and exciting competitions. All the rules of tennis competitions are well simulated and implemented in Tennis Go, and you can safely experience an exciting tennis competition in this title.


Tennis Go : World Tour 3D


Tennis Go: World Tour 3D, while simple, has attractive 3D designs that can keep you entertained. However, for these designs, a lot of details and large graphics are not used, and the overall graphics of the game are very optimal. This approach of the creators has made it possible to run the 3D tennis world tour game on most mid-range Android devices. In Tennis Go: World Tour 3D, there are all kinds of tennis competitions, the most important of which is the World Tour and its online competitions. In this game, you can compete against opponents in single-player or multiplayer competitions. You can even start a tennis club and earn money by managing it just like a management game. The online part of the game has interesting features, including the ability to add other players to the friends list. This section even has a very fun part where players can play as teammates with other competitors and experience indescribable excitement. All in all, it can be said that Tennis Go: World Tour 3D game has evolved and admirable gameplay due to its good graphics and designs, which can delight fans of sports games, especially tennis. If you are a fan of this sport and you are looking for a fun and online game in this field, download Tennis Go: World Tour 3D from the Usroid box download section and enter its exciting competitions!