Tennis in the Face v1.2.4 – A very fun and addictive arcade game “Attack with a tennis ball” for Android + trailer of
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Tennis in the Face – Tennis Ball Attack is another incredibly engaging and creative game from the popular Finnish studio 10tons ltd, which has become one of the most active studios in the field by offering more than 20 popular mobile games. In Usroid , we have introduced several famous games of this studio, the most important of which are games such as Time Recoil , JYDGE , Tesla vs Lovecraft , Crimsonland and Joining Hands.Cited. Tennis in the Face is actually a paid and evolved version of a game called Clowns in the Face that was released by the same game company. This game is a creative and very lovable title, but it can not be considered a leader and an exclusive game in this genre, because other games are designed just like this genre, and perhaps the famous game Mr Bullet is one of the most obvious examples in this Be the case. In Tennis in the Face, you play the role of a tennis player named Pete Pagassi who is not going to play tennis! Rather, he has a bigger goal and must become a hero by rescuing the city from a great threat. A company called Explodz, which was famous for making energy drinks, created a special drink that made anyone who drank that drink an evil creature!


Tennis in the Face


In Tennis in the FaceThe city is full of people who have consumed these drinks and it is you who must stop them! Your enemies are the scary clowns, the corrupt cops and the misguided scientists who are now involved in this drink and its destructive effects! Now you have to pick up your tennis racket and special ball and go to the city level and destroy them in different missions just by shooting and hitting this ball towards the enemies! To do this, you must determine your specific target before firing and hit after aiming correctly. Your targets should be such that the shot cannon hits all enemy pieces. You can also use walls or other obstacles as a detour to hit wall and angled! During the game there are also special items such as explosive items that by hitting them and creating an explosion you can destroy several enemies at the same time. The game’s graphics and design are excellent, and the super fun and smooth gameplay of Tennis in the Face can make you happy. Destroying and throwing enemies is done in the best possible way and you will have a unique feeling after shooting at the enemies! Do not delay and now the latest update of this beautiful game has been tested and purchased (for $ 1.99) fromDownload Usroid and have fun with a different and interesting arcade game for a long time. This game is one of the top 10tons ltd studio games with more than 1000 downloads and a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 .

Changes in version v1.2.4:

* Solve the game problem and convert the game from limited to unlimited mode