Tennis Superstars v1.2.5 – a fun sports game Tennis Superstars for Android
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Tennis Superstars – Tennis Superstars is the title of a small game in the style of sports games about the sport of tennis, which is produced and designed in a very simple and uncomplicated way. The game is produced and developed by the British studio M Games, which can be purchased for $ 1.99 on Google Play. Usroid , as the first Iranian website to publish this game, invites you to download and install the latest update of the purchased version of Tennis Superstars. This exciting game is only about 15 MB in size, but at the same time it provides you with the feeling of a very sensitive and fierce competition in tennis matches. Designs and graphics of the game in pixels called Old Scho ol is done. This has caused the final volume of Tennis Superstars to be drastically reduced, and on the other hand, the gameplay has been optimized as much as possible and executed in the best and smoothest way possible. Do not be fooled by the simple appearance and low volume of the game! Tennis Superstars is very challenging and requires a lot of focus. Your opponents are strong tennis players who will not spare you! Like many other similar tennis games, in this game your only focus should be on aiming and the amount of force applied to the shots, and the player himself makes the necessary moves to control the ball.


Tennis Superstars


In the game Tennis SuperstarsYou can throw your shots at the opponent in 3 modes: Soft or Slow, Hard, and Smash. At rest, your ball is much slower, but its accuracy is very high. In strong or destructive blows, the accuracy of aiming is less and their speed is higher. That’s why you have to play against certain opponents like themselves and always use good technical tactics. The game has several different sections, including the regular tournament, tournament, stage or competitive and multiplayer sections of the game (which, of course, can not be used due to the crack of the game). In addition to these sections, there is a short and educational section to teach how to play the game. The game also has a very large and competitive leaderboard that you can participate in by participating in score competitions. In Tennis Superstars, 96 different players of different nationalities are also designed and you can use them in different competitions. This is a fun and challenging game to earnExcellent score of 4.7 out of 5.0 has become one of the most popular games in this genre. Get the latest purchased version of this small game for free and tested from Usroid serversright now and become the best open tennis player in the world!

Changes in version v1.2.5:

* Fixed a bug in the multiplayer section
* You win if your opponent is time out (out of reach)