Teo – Teal and Orange Filters v3.0.8 – Professional Android image filtering application
Premium and full version of the program worth $2.99 for the first time in Iran

Teo – Teal and Orange Filters is a professional Android image filtering application developed by 8Bit Lab and published on Google Play. Those who follow the category of editing and retouching photos professionally. They are familiar with the importance of image filtering. Choosing the right filter not only allows the photos to be more attractive, but also helps to show the textures better. Many applications in different operating systems provide different filters to their users, but the point to be noted is the lack of quality and proper design of these filters. Due to the high popularity of the Android operating system among users of smart devices, the most powerful filtering startups can be seen in this operating system. Teo – Teal and Orange Filters is one of the best programs available to put various filters on images in Android. The first thing that catches your attention after installation. It has a very simple user interface that makes the editing process easier for novice users.

Teo is a way to increase the quality of images while adding filters to them

One of the highlights of Theo compared to other similar tools available in Android markets is its wonderful system for increasing the quality of photos! Intelligent image processing After selecting the filter, users try to improve the textures of each image and eliminate any defects such as noise, blurring of part of the images and… You may not feel the change in sharpness in the initial edits, but by comparing the images before and after the effects, the changes in quality are clearly felt. The point that makes using Teo more attractive is the set of pro or professional filters that are not available in the normal version of this software, but in the version that we have offered on the Usroid website. All 30 professional filters can be used without any restrictions.

Editing images with effects, with Theo

All the features and capabilities of this photo editing application are not limited to the above descriptions and the manufacturer provides you with a wider and more diverse possibilities. One of the most popular features of the above software is the ability to make changes in the amount of color warmth, contrast, brightness, vibrancy and… Each of these ten features is intelligently adjustable and you will be able to increase or decrease their effect to suit your needs with just one roller. Separating the filters from the editing tool gives a special order to the program environment and makes it much easier to work with.

Get output with the required size for social networks

One of the problems that many users, especially novice users, sometimes face is not being able to identify the right size to share them. For example, in a social network such as Instagram, the size of the images selected for the story are very different from the size of the images selected for regular posts. Therefore, the developer tries to provide the output image with your desired size and in accordance with the social network in which you intend to share the photo.

Some features and capabilities of Teo – Teal and Orange Filters Android application:

  • Access to a collection of 60+ diverse and attractive filters in different colors
  • There were no restrictions on professional filters (only in Usroid version)
  • Save images with the maximum possible resolution (6144 14 6144)
  • Select the aspect ratio of the images according to the target social networks
  • Categorize all filters into four different and diverse groups
  • Stunning sharpness settings to enhance the texture and detail of your photos
  • Adjust the intensity of the filters just by shaking the roller bar
  • Option to view images before and after editing images
  • A collection of 10 different tools to make extensive changes to your photos
  • Add custom filters to your favorites list
  • Make other features available in this Android app

Application Teo – Teal and Orange Filters with the benefit of special features and capabilities in the field of professional effects of images and their perfect editing by its developer for free with $2.99 on-net payment has been published on Google Play and rated received 4.7 out of 5.0 by users. Now you can download the latest premium and tested version of this startup without any restrictions from the powerful servers of Usroid website.


Teo - Teal and Orange Filters