Terraria v1. + Mods – a fun and unique game of floating island Android
Normal version + 3 mod versions (features listed) separately
New update without the need for data and only one installation file
Full, paid and paid version

Terraria – Floating Island is an incredibly beautiful and entertaining game in the style of adventure games designed just like the famous MineCraft game for Android devices, which the 505 Games Srl gaming studio has offered for $ 4.99 on Google Play. To date, +1 million times purchased by users worldwide from Google Play alone, do not believe it! After playing the game, you will enter a green and very beautiful land, the creativity of its inhabitants has created interesting and pleasant landscapes, But suddenly something unfortunate and heartbreaking happens in it; The monsters and giants of the dark land invade it and destroy everything in their path and there is no trace of greenery left! You enter the story as the main character and a brave boy to restore everything to its original state with the power of your creativity and to destroy the enemies who have invaded their borders and land. To do this, you need a small castle and shelter to go there in case of emergency and prepare for the next battles. Although Terraria has several classic weapons designed for combat, it is your creativity that takes the lead, and with the interesting ideas you implement in the game’s destructible environment, you achieve your predetermined goals. The early stages of this game are followed in the ancestral land, but over time you enter the dreamy and beautiful parts that are on the clouds and the sky! By collecting points and money, they are able to buy raw materials for weapons, clothes and other items needed to complete missions. Although the game has two-dimensional graphics and a platformer, it has unique gameplay.

Some features of Terraria Android adventure game:

  • Includes +1250 different items including food, weapons, armor and ..
  • Includes +150 enemies with different powers to destroy
  • +50 different types of blocks to build whatever you want
  • Adventure in a variety of different locations and environments
  • +15 different pets to raise by you
  • Night and day cycles to make the game environment look real
  • Good graphics, addictive gameplay and exciting sound


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