[Text on Photo v2.14 [Pro – Android App for Writing Simple Text on Photos
Professional version with access to all features

The Android operating system offers users a variety of features and support for millions of applications, providing a range of capabilities. These features make it unnecessary to use other operating systems such as Windows and solve any problems in a simple environment, free from any complexity. In this post, we also aim to introduce you to one of the best ways to add text to photos. Text on Photo pro is the title of one of the simplest Android applications for adding text to images, developed by PhotoAppWorld.com and published on Google Play. Simply select the desired photo and after writing the text, add it to any part of the image. Have access to spaces or balloons, like chat in messaging apps, and place your text inside them. Everything in this app can be changed, from the location of the text and titles to their fonts and colors! If you want your text to occupy less space in the images, simply change the font size and take advantage of an incredibly simple system.

Some features and capabilities of the Text on Photo Android app:

  • The possibility of adding text to images in the simplest way possible
  • Access to balloons like chat spaces in messengers
  • The ability to change sizes and colors as desired
  • Change the background color of a text!
  • Very natural mode after adding text to images
  • High quality output files
  • No complicated menus like other software

The Text on Photo app, with its simple system for adding text to images, has received over one million active downloads and a 4.4 out of 5.0 rating from Google Play users. You can now download the latest professional version with access to all features from the highly visited Usroid website.