The Economist Espresso. Daily News v1.10.4 – Daily news from The Economist Full subscription version of the program

The world of commerce is always subject to constant changes and developments. The business and trade market is influenced by various factors such as political, social, environmental, and so on. Therefore, it is necessary for all those who are active in the world of commerce to have quick access to news in order to prepare themselves for upcoming events. However, those who work in such environments usually do not have enough time to follow the news, which often leads to making decisions without sufficient knowledge and failing to plan properly. Today, we offer a program on Usroid that is designed to solve this problem. The Economist Espresso. Daily News is an application for receiving the most important news and articles related to each day in various fields, specifically for the Android operating system. It is developed by The Economist Newspaper Limited and is available for free on Google Play. This program provides business, financial, and political news in a concise format every morning, allowing you to stay informed about the most important and influential news of the day within a few minutes. The news is selected and prepared by the editors of the magazine, ensuring their credibility. The news is ready at 6 am every day. Different versions are available for America, Europe, and Asia, and depending on your location, different versions are provided. This program is published continuously six days a week, from Monday to Saturday, and keeps you informed about events that are expected to happen in the upcoming day.

Some features and capabilities of The Economist Espresso. Daily News for Android:

  • Access to the most important news of the day
  • Information about upcoming events and expected happenings
  • News presented at 6am every day
  • Available in different versions for America, Asia, and Europe
  • Coverage of various topics such as science, technology, economy, politics, and…
  • News selection by the editors of the reputable magazine, The Economist
  • Summary of articles and news for quick reading
  • Beautiful and optimized user interface for an easy and enjoyable reading experience

The Economist Espresso. Daily News app is part of The Economist newspaper, which provides international analysis of various issues ranging from trade, finance, and politics to science, technology, and economics. It has received an excellent rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 from Android users on Google Play. To access the content of this app, you need to purchase a monthly subscription. Due to the high price and inability to buy a subscription from Iran, we have prepared a subscription-free version of this app with all its features and capabilities for you. You can now download the subscription-free version of this app with all its features and capabilities for free from Usroid.


The Economist Espresso. Daily News