The Firefly Diary v1.008 – “Memories of the Firefly” adventure and action game for Android with data + trailer
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The Firefly Diary – Memories of the Night Glowworm, also known as htoL#NiQ: The Firefly Diary, is an amazing artistic work from the Japanese studio Nippon Ichi Software, Inc in the adventure and action genre. This beautiful game, developed at a very high price of $17.99, has been released for the Android operating system. It should be noted that this game was initially released for personal computers (via the Steam store) and the portable console PS Vita, and finally, its mobile version was released in May 2020, allowing mobile users to experience this attractive and popular game on their mobile phones or tablets. The Firefly Diary tells a very beautiful and lovable story. Although the story and adventure content of The Firefly Diary cannot be considered unique, it must be said that the game itself gets a very good score in this regard. The game’s adventure is very simple but mysterious and enigmatic. You play as an innocent and cute little girl named Mion who wakes up in a large and ruined place that seems to be an abandoned hall or palace after being unconscious for a while. She does not remember anything and does not know how she came to this place! The poor little girl has no tools, weapons, or anything to protect herself and does not even know where to go. But two firefly worms guide her and show her the way to move forward. This abandoned and dark place is a terrifying and unreliable place that threatens you in various ways.


The Firefly Diary


In The Firefly Diary, your job is to guide the main character of the game, Mion, to the exit. In this destroyed place, various monsters attack this little girl from the darkness, and you must try to escape these attacks with your intelligence and wit. In addition to the monsters, there are other challenges in The Firefly Diary, some of which are puzzle and intellectual sections. This terrifying adventure will determine the fate of this girl. Your main goal should be to solve puzzles, find special items and clues, and ultimately find a way out of this enchanted place! This game includes two parallel but completely opposing worlds. The first world is the world of light, and the second world is the world of darkness. You must use the help of these two fireflies to move between these two worlds and maintain the necessary balance between them. But be careful of the traps and monsters that exist in the world of darkness. Can you save this innocent little girl? Can you escape from the monsters and traps of this place? The Firefly Diary is a very entertaining and exciting title that can easily attract adventure game enthusiasts. Also, the action-packed gameplay and challenging game, along with beautiful and professional designs, have made The Firefly Diary one of the best games of this genre. Even the high price of this game could not prevent its popularity! Don’t waste time and download the latest purchased and complete version of The Firefly Diary for free from fast servers like Usroid and enjoy playing this lovely game.

  1. According to the game developer, to run smoothly, a minimum of Android 6.0 and at least 2GB of RAM is required.
  2. Although The Firefly Diary game is developed with completely cartoonish and fantasy designs, the game’s age rating is set for people over 16 years old.


Installation and Execution Guidelines for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the com.hotlNiQ folder to the Android/obb directory on your device’s internal memory.