THE GAME OF LIFE 2 v0.0.27 – An Entertaining Board Game “Life Game 2” for Android
Purchased and Complete Version of the Game, Offered to You at $3.99
Tested with Offline Execution

THE GAME OF LIFE 2 – بازی زندگی 2 is an interesting and entertaining board game and simulation, and the third official game from THE GAME OF LIFE series, following two games THE GAME OF LIFE and THE GAME OF LIFE Vacations, which was created and designed after a hiatus of nearly two years. Like other games in this series, it was developed by the British game development studio Marmalade Game Studio and is available as a paid game for $3.99 on Google Play. As soon as this game was released and after purchasing and testing the complete version, Usroid reviewed it and now introduces it to you, dear users. Marmalade Game Studio, in addition to THE GAME OF LIFE series, has also released popular and excellent games such as Clue, Hasbro’s BATTLESHIP, and Monopoly for the Android operating system. This company is mostly known for creating premium and paid games. THE GAME OF LIFE 2, with the full name of THE GAME OF LIFE 2 – More choices, more freedom!, has been released on Google Play. As the title suggests, this game is made with the same basic features, but more features and more choices have been designed to provide a more extensive experience for players.




The game THE GAME OF LIFE 2 – More choices, more freedom! is modeled after a classic board game, like many other games from the Marmalade studio. This game offers a virtual but fantasy and interesting life in the form of a game for you. In this game, which is a big world of humans, you actually enter the game as one of the members of this community and interact with other humans. Your choices can be different. You can choose your character to have a specific job that you are interested in. Your choices affect your overall path in the game. Like many other similar games in this genre, your luck and popularity in the game show your future. In fact, it should be said that in the game “THE GAME OF LIFE 2” which holds an interesting competition among players, everyone has to compete with everyday things in this game. The game can be played in two modes, single player with artificial intelligence and multiplayer (both offline and online). In the offline multiplayer section, you can play with your friends on one device in Pass and Play mode and pass the mobile or tablet to the next person after each turn. But in the online section, you can join the online competition of THE GAME OF LIFE 2 – More choices, more freedom! and play with other players around the world. There are many tasks and missions in this competitive game that can keep you and your friends entertained for a long time. So don’t hesitate and download this game from the servers of Usroid right now. To learn more about this game, you can watch its trailer video or see its screenshot images.

Note: In the mod version, all skins, vehicles, and … are open.