The Love Boat: Puzzle Cruise – Your Match 3 Crush – Love Boat: The Wrestling Puzzle is a great gameplay adaptation of Gimlaft for Android devices that we saw hours ago on Google Play, and as always we decided to release it simultaneously and for For the first time in US introduce it to you, the fans of puzzle games – adapters, and bring you joy! In The Love Boat: Puzzle Cruise, you will be joined by lovable characters such as Captain Stubing and you will experience a wonderful adventure in ports and islands! Like the famous matchmaking games, your task is to put similar items together and collect the stars by destroying them so that you can open the next missions and stages with the help of the stars and move the story forward! Your adventure takes place in a variety of locations and environments, and in our opinion, the game is excellently designed and built due to its small size of 17 MB! If you are a fan of puzzle games , try The Love Boat: Puzzle Cruise and say what is the point of getting value ?!


The Love Boat: Puzzle Cruise – Your Match 3 Crush


Play The Love Boat: Puzzle Cruise – Your Match 3 Crush To date, hundreds of thousands of times by Android users around the world downloaded the latest version of Google Play to download it in front of you and you can do it with one click download! Finally, it is better to mention that the game, like other games in Usroid, has been tested by us and has run without any problems.

Note: The game is online and offline.