The Magic Castle in Persian ( Magic Castle ) is a new and very beautiful game in the style of adventure games for Android that by installing it on your smartphone you can start a new adventure in amazing lands! In this game, you will travel to the forgotten lands full of sedition and mystery and help the old man of the game to reach the kingdom once again. This game has very challenging puzzles that will keep you entertained for hours and the story is as follows: “A few years ago, a great magician lived in a castle that filled the earth with its magic. It was, but when the sorcerer was killed, the magic disappeared! But legend has it that magic never goes away; He is waiting for someone to bring magic back to earth, and that person is you now! ”

Some features of The Magic Castle Android game:

* Stunning game graphics due to its small size

* Availability of many items to collect and unlock new items

* Exciting story of dragons, elves and wizards

* Full soundtrack and exciting sound effects

* Having Game auto-saves system to save the game

* Classic points and adventure gameplay

The Magic Castle puzzle game currently has a score of 4.4 in the Play Store , which is one of the best games and is sold at a price of $ 0.99 , which we at Usroid , as the first Iranian website, provide it to you for free. We give and we hope you like it ..


Download The Magic Castle - Magic Castle adventure game for Android




Download The Magic Castle Android APK - NEW



Download The Magic Castle Android APK - NEW